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Clumsy bun

So I was holding my little girl, Joy, last night and she suddenly decided to hop up on my shoulder, which is usually fine because she's so small I can carry her around like that. But then she hopped onto the back of my neck, which is a little more awkward. I was afraid she would try to jump off my shoulders while I was still standing upright so I knelt down near her cage, hoping she would just crawl down my back and hop inside the cage. Instead, she hopped off my neck and didn't quite make it inside the cage and slammed face first into the front lip of the cage, which my fiance built to be about 6-inches tall in order to minimize the likelihood that the bunnies can push things out of the cage. Anyway, she composed herself and hopped on top of one of the levels. At first she looked fine - I was half expecting to she a bloody nose or something - but then I noticed that she kept licking her lips in kind of a weird way so I picked her up again to inspect her face further and I saw that she had cut her lip... I felt soooooo bad! Poor little girl... But on the bright side, I checked her out this morning and she seems to be doing much better. No swelling or redness around the cut and she's playing and hopping around like she forgot her little clumsy moment from last night.

This just goes to show that even though they are usually graceful and agile, even bunnies can have clumsy moments!!
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