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Proof that bunnies and kitties can co-exist

Tonight, Sebastian The Cat decided he was going to experience first-hand what it is like to live like a bunny. He ate some hay, chewed on an applewood stick and batted the bell around.

Joy and Sebastian inspect each other as Yiska rehydrates.

Joy moves up for a closer look. "Heyz!! What r U doin in my houze?!" Yiska, oblivious, still drinking. That bunny loves the bottle.

Kitty kitty begins to embrace the bunny lifestyle...

... and snacks on some hay. Yiska finally realizes there is an intruder and hops up to investigate.

Kitty discovers the wonderfulness that is the Bunny Ke-Bob

And now we sample some applewood stick. Meanwhile, bunnies have given into the intruder and have apparently accepted his presence.

Kitty: "Huh?! You mean I's not apposed to be in here?"

Kitty seems to be enjoying the hay.

And finally, kitty decides it's time to go back to being a cat. Somehow he managed to climb down without falling off any of the levels... which is a miracle because he is one CLUMSY CAT!!!!


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