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New Bunny hutch!!!!

My fiance designed this new bunny abode based on my specifications and then built it so bunnies could have a new, better place to call home. Their old cage was getting really dilapidated and was so stained from years of use that I decided it was time for a change. So here it is...

This is the new hutch right after my fiance finished building it. I put two coats of stain on the exterior to make it look nicer and treated the bottom and levels with Linseed Oil for more protection against accidents and spilled water. Don't worry, the hutch sat outside on the balcony for about a week before it was brought inside and the finishing touches added.

Next I put stick-on tile on the bottom and levels of the hutch to further protect the wood and make it easier for me to clean up after those messy, messy bunnies!

After that I put towels down on the levels for more warmth and comfort for the bunnies. Yiska hates slippery surfaces... he freaks out when his feet slide out from under him.

After that, my fiance attached three panels from an exercise pen I have for the bunnies, creating a hinge of sorts at the top so I can fold the panels all the way up to the top. It makes it really easy for me to clean the interior of the cage because I can get right in there without a cage blocking my way. The bottom is secured with a hook and eye latch.

Bunnies love their new abode!!! Lots of room to hop around in and plenty of different levels to explore.

The left over exercise pen panels make a nice little play yard for the bunnies. As you can see, the panels on the front of the hutch fold up into a nice neat little triangle that stays in place very nicely.

Everything a bunny could want!! My dainty little Joy relaxing in her comfy home.

Yiska says: "Aw, mom, Iz tryin to sitz on muh box! Nuff picturez!"

Bunnies love their new home!

One of Yiska, just for cuteness purposes!!! He's my handsome Himi!

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