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Meet Jelly Belly the pound bunny!

1. Name, age, sex of your bunny foo foo.
Name- Jelly Belly, yes she came with this name. Age- Unknown Sex- They were pretty sure she was a girl...

2. Breed of Rabbit (if you know).
Mutt, I got her from the pound.

3. How you decided on naming your bunny.
She came with it, I was going to change it to Liberty Bell, but my boyfriend liked calling her Jelly, so Jelly just kind of stuck. We think she was an Easter Present to some one who didn't understand they were getting a living creature, and not a toy.

4. Any special tricks your bunny has, list here.
I have had her a total of 1 day, I'm not sure all her little tricks right now she works hard at being down right ADOREABLE! She also does well in a house of one large dog, and 5 cats.
She likes to chew on my boyfriends Goatee, which is the cutest thing.

5. Rabbit's favorite foods.
CARROTS, I gave her one, and she went insane for it.

6. Tell us anything else about you or your bunny that you would like to share.
Jelly is my second bunny, and my second rescue rabbit. My other bunny passed away in Feb. He was going on 7 years old, and he passed in my arms. I waited several months before being ready for another little guy. Although Bixby (my first rabbit) was never 'little' when I got him he was already closing in on 8 pounds.
I live in a house with 5 cats and a dog, and we are debating getting another dog. Our 11 year old dog just passed away from a lump on her liver that didn't present any signs until it was too late. My dog has never been an only dog, and she's very confused.
Right now Jelly Belly is the only thing that makes her perk up and seem like her normal happy self.

7. Last but not least, share a picture if you have any!

The soulful eyes in the background are my Sydney dog, a mixed breed mutt herself, part Aussie Cattle dog, all mutt. Who thinks the bunny is her new puppy.

I have no idea what kind of bunny she is, how big she's going to get, or anything else. I kind of hope she stays little, but if not, I'm ok with that! I could never take an animal to the pound, ever, so no matter what size she gets, she'll stay with me.
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