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New Here!

1. Name, age, sex of your bunny foo foo - Yiska will be 2.5-years-old in June and his girlfriend, Joy, will be a year old in June.
2. Breed of Rabbit (if you know). Yiska is a Himilayan Dwarf rabbit. We know for sure that Joy is part Netherland Dwarf and we think that she may also have some mini-rex in her due to big brown doe-eyes and a large, flat tail.
3. How you decided on naming your bunny. Actually, I got lucky and they both had really nice names when I adopted them so I decided not to change them.
4. Any special tricks your bunny has, list here. I have Yiska and Joy trained to come a-hopping when I open the treat door. Other than that, they are pretty much voice trained, Yiska more than Joy, and they are constantly doing bunny dives, binkies and bunny 500s.
5. Rabbit's favorite foods. Carrots, apples, parsley and basil
6. Tell us anything else about you or your bunny that you would like to share. They are my little joys. They make me happy when I'm sad and never fail to melt my heart. : )
7. Last but not least, share a picture if you have any! I'm at work right now, but will post with a plethora of pictures later. : )

Also, I'm happy to have found this community of fellow bunny lovers. I'm still fairly new to being a bunny mom, having adopted Yiska only two years ago, when he was still pretty much a baby... he was 6-months-old... and Joy just last October when she was 4-months-old so I still have a lot to learn but am more than willing to.
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