sgtmickeysgirl (sgtmickeysgirl) wrote in just_bunnies,

BIG litterbox problems

Hi there- I've posted about this before but now its gotten really out of hand...

I have 2 Mini- Rexes, Ginger and Thumper (1 male, 1 female). They used to be pretty good about the litterboxes, with the occasional dropping of pellets around their cage. Now it is to the point where they are literally going EVERYWHERE. They never used to pee anywhere but the litterboxes, but now they go all over the place. There is one corner where there used to be a litterbox, but I blocked it off because they made such a mess. I anchored the litterbox down, they got in there and flung everything out. When I unhooked it, they flipped it over. When I blocked off the corner with a wooden house, they peed in in. When I put a treat bowl in the house, they ate the treats and peed right in the bowl. When I completely blocked the corner, they pee in front of it. I've tried other types of litter, and 3 different shaped litterboxes.

I haven't changed their diet or lifestyle. They seem happy otherwise-they have plenty of toys to play with and lots of stuff to chew. Oh, and in case you were wondering- their "pen" is an entire corner of my living room, with a plastic bottom cage that is always left open. They have run of the apartment when we are around to watch them.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Right now I have them locked in their cage (which is plenty big, but still...). 

Thanks so much!!!

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