Carrianne M. (crackedcharisma) wrote in just_bunnies,
Carrianne M.

Hi all! Brand new here! My bunbun, so aptly named Stewie, is about a year and half old and for the past few nights started thumping his back hind leg loudly after we would go to bed. He has a huge cage in the kitchen and I am in the bedroom, it is so loud I need to shut the bedroom door. I know this means they are upset or angry, but I can only think it's cause I haven't been able to let him out much cause I have been working late nights. He is spoiled beyond all belief so I don't know why he would be acting like this. Any ideas?
Also I have been having a hell of a time doing his toenails. His quicks are long and he is jumpy. I'll try to lay him on his back on my lap but he has none of that and jumps back up.
Oh and one last thing. I have had rabbits before, but now all of a sudden I am really allergic to him. If I have him up on my shoulder and hold him like a baby my skin gets blotchy red, and I sneeze like a maniac when i clean the cage, brush him, or he runs around for a long time.
Any ideas? Thanks much!
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