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Hi! My name is Lisa. I'm a volunteer for my local rabbit rescue which now has it's own live journal ( I have two rabbits both adopted. Here's a little about them.

1. Name, age, sex of your bunny foo foo.
Both neutered boys. Q-Tip is 6 years old. Jerry Maguire is 1 year old.

2. Breed of Rabbit (if you know).
Both mutts. Q-Tip looks like he has some californian in him. Jerry looks like he might have some netherland dwarf and/or dutch in him.

3. How you decided on naming your bunny.
My sister came up with Q-Tip (previously Thumper) because he's round, white, and fuzzy. Jerry Maguire was previously Lizzy McGuire. It was the first similar but boy name that popped in my head. I usually call him Little Jerry like the rooster on Seinfeild.

4. Any special tricks your bunny has, list here.
Tricks? Uhh... They recognize the sound of me opening the treat bag. Does that count?

5. Rabbit's favorite foods.
Q-Tip goes crazy over cilantro and bananas. Jerry will eat just about anything. He really likes toast. I just give him a tiny piece off the crust every once in a while since it's not really good for him.

6. Tell us anything else about you or your bunny that you would like to share.
I tried to bond them, but eventually gave up. I just let them out at separate times. I usually let Jerry out in the morning and at lunch since I can get him back in his cage easier when I have to leave. He either runs around like crazy or climbs the boxes in my closet usually. Q-Tip runs around a bit then chills out in the living room with me in the evenings while I watch tv.

7. Last but not least, share a picture if you have any!

Jerry has his own live journal:
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